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Raped by Elephants | Torsofuck

I was visiting in africa two months ago. My goal was to see all those wild animals. Most excited I was when I came close to elephants. They were so big and somehow so scary. Something happened when I snapped a picture. Three elephants surrounded me, One of them ripped off all my clothes, Second elephant came on me and started to spread my buttocks
With its huge trunk. I screamed in agony when I felt it started to shove up my ass. Third elephant forced me to take its giant cock in my mouth. I sucked like a whore while I was assfucked by elephant trunk. After all it wasnt too bad at all.

It took only about ten minutes and cock in my mouth started to cum. Extremely huge load of elephant sperm filled my throat and Spurted allover my face I was completely fucked up, but elephants had one more thing to do. All three of them huffed and puffed shits on me. Then they left me alone with my ripped asshole. I’ll never go to Africa again.